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Here’s the problem: state and local leaders are on the frontlines of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Every state in the US needs to pass bold, equitable climate policy in the next 10 years. But local policymakers and advocates need more resources and technical support.

That’s where we come in: Climate Cabinet Education makes local climate data and policy solutions actionable for state and local decision makers, advocates, and the public. We use data and networks to identify critical leverage points, and get key players the resources they need - at scale.


Across projects, our tools and proactive approach are designed to help decision-makers and advocates pass smart clean energy policy that creates jobs, advances environmental justice, and improves health in communities across the US.
Texas environmental justice explorer

An interactive map showing hotspots of environmental injustice in Texas, created in partnership with Texas Rising. Visualize county-level social and environmental burdens, including local pollution, poverty levels, and more.

Building Blocks of state Climate policy

A framework of the highest-priority policies state legislatures can enact to tackle climate change– with a focus on job creation, justice, and co-benefits. Find additional resources, model legislation, and examples from states across the US.

District-Specific Educational Climate Briefs

Local climate and clean energy data, policy landscapes, and incumbent voting records for every state legislative district in America. Download your community's district-specific brief now.  

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We’re creating infrastructure for the climate movement.

Since our start as a volunteer-based team in 2018, Climate Cabinet Education has built a data system that includes district-specific information on clean energy jobs, asthma, polling, incumbent vote records, and policy options for every state legislature district in the US. We’ve built software to translate this into usable advocacy materials and push it out to target audiences. And our policy toolkits are being put to use by hundreds of policymakers and advocates around the US.

We’re filling critical gaps and connecting dots: bridging technology, data, policy, and organizing to build infrastructure for climate progress at the state and local levels.

We have big plans ahead - but we need your support. Donate today to help us grow.