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Recent post: "Equipping local leaders for action"

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How Do we stop the climate crisis? Moneyball, say these entrepreneurs

What if we used the Moneyball approach to stop climate change? If you’re not familiar, the term Moneyball, coined by Michael Lewis, is a baseball scouting strategy that leverages statistics to identify undervalued players that have game-winning potential.

Fast Forward Accelerator

Meet the Tech Nonprofits in the 2021 Accelerator

Climate Cabinet Education has been selected  The Accelerator is focused on helping tech non-profits scale through a summer of programming, training and one-on-one mentoring with experts from top tech companies.

UCLA Environment & Sustainability

Announcement: 2021 Pritzker Award Candidates

Caroline Spears has been nominated as one of 18 candidates for the UCLA Institute of Environment & Sustainability’s 2021 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Awards.

Mulago Foundation

2021 Henry Arnhold Fellowship

Caroline Spears was selected as a 2021 Henry Arnhold Fellow. This competitive, yearlong fellowship finds leaders with promising conservation and climate solutions, and helps them to design and deliver them at scale.

Climate X Change

Featured research: How do states Plan to meet their climate commitments?
July 2021

This white paper uses Climate Cabinet Education's "Building Blocks of State Climate Policy" to analyze the trends and comprehensiveness of 2030 state climate action plans.

The Affairs of States: In the Greening of America
April 2021

Read Joel Stronberg's piece on the role of states in driving forward the clean energy transition - and how groups like ours play a critical role.

Other Resources & publications

Energy justice in Municipal Utilities: importance & Opportunities for engagement

In social justice literature, energy justice can be understood with “three philosophic tenets… distributive, recognition and procedural justice." Customers of municipally-owned utlities have a special opportunity to advance justice.

Civic Engagement & the Clean Energy Transition: Opportunities & Challenges of Municipal Utilities

The vast majority of the over 500,000 elected officials in the United States are elected at the state and local level - and each of them has an important role to play in shaping an equitable clean energy future. Municipal utility boards have a particularly direct role in our energy future, and a direct channel for democratic participation.

We created a toolkit for state legislators: Here's why

We need to cut emissions across every sector of the economy quickly — in a way that advances equity and creates jobs. That’s a difficult task for part-time elected officials balancing many other legislative and professional priorities, and the local groups supporting them. Local players need more support.

Database of climate policy databases

Many climate policy databases and resources exist for the federal, state, and local levels - but it can be time consuming to find the resource you need. At Climate Cabinet Education, we've compiled many of these resources for our own reference. Now, we want to share our "database of climate policy databases" with you!

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